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Marley Carroll is known among his peers as “the producer’s producer,” and his time is coming. A classically trained pianist and percussionist, but never content to color inside the lines, he became the youngest ever to win the title of Best Scratch DJ for his home state of North Carolina - at 17. In the ten years since, he has has never stopped pushing, undergoing a full transformation into a veteran electronic producer, vocalist, and live performer.

His self-produced 2007 debut album Melanaster was the result of meticulous bedroom alchemy, recalling a lost Radiohead LP submerged in ten feet of saltwater. The album’s sound is found somewhere between the beautiful haze of early Nineties shoegaze rock (My Bloody
Valentine) and early 2000’s IDM (Autechre, Squarepusher). Smeared, melancholy pop songs tethered to abstract electronic rhythms, what NPR called “gorgeously subdued glitch-pop.”

In 2011, Carroll truly came into his own as a producer and live performer. He developed a solo PA set to bring a more raw and improvisatory vision of his music to live audiences, combining vocals, turntables, hardware controllers, and live Moog synth. Carroll’s onstage performances are exercises in understated talent that mix live vocals with stunning and unorthodox turntablist skills over a bed of sophisticated electronica. In 2012, he toured with forward-thinking producers like Shigeto, Dabrye, and Emancipator, and appeared at groundbreaking music festivals across the country (Moogfest, Decibel, Coachella). His 2012 EP R&S / Cedars was featured favorably by XLR8R. In 2013, he released "Sings," a full-length LP that combines the best of his recent instrumental work with his considerable skills as a songwriter. The sophomore album received praise from tastemakers including Pitchfork and Rolling Store. Think Caribou meets Four Tet, fronted by a Ben Gibbard-esque tenor.

“Marley Carroll makes music that manages to feel both very delicate and forceful at once… His live shows are rich, full and urgent—full of improvisation, and surprising to see emerge from such a contained visual source. Very exciting to see and hear, and inspiring, in all forms.”
- Eric Lindley (Careful)

“Marley Carroll is connoisseur of groove, a tastemaker with a diverse palette and great attention to detail. Gifted in the dark arts of composition, production and turntablism, Marley Carroll is a veteran in the making.” - Emancipator

"Gorgeously subdued glitch-pop" -NPR

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