Array Vol. 2

Autonomous Music is excited to present the second installment of Array, a compilation that assembles the immense talent of the Autonomous roster. Known across the United States and beyond for packing out venues, the artists represented here flex their crowd-pleasing muscles across the entire spectrum of electronic music. Tracks like Emancipator’s ‘Elephant Survival’ and Yppah’s ‘Never Mess With Sunday’ lean towards downtempo and trip-hop, while others like Phutureprimitive’s remix of ‘Teardrop’ and Mochipet’s ‘Swimming In A Sea Of Galaxies’ dive deep into EDM groove territory. The diversity of material on Array is backed by uniformly strong production skills, and leaves one with the impression that some truly innovative music producers have been collected here. The music serves to underscore the passion Autonomous and its artists share for social change, whether it’s commutated through the music or through the empowering live events that Autonomous is known for. Perhaps that’s the most exciting about Array: it’s more than just music. It’s a comprehensive cultural statement from Autonomous, one of the most reliable names in electronic music.

Download ‘Array Vol. 2′ for free here.